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Ready Real Estate Website

Hazır Emlak Web Sitesi

April 2, 2022

We have developed a range of ready made real estate websites for Real Estate Agents at very affordable prices. With our real estate websites, many more features such as real estate search tools, detailed property information, featured properties listing, Google Maps integration, front-end forms, real estate rental and sale, video, comment and rating system, e-mail notifications will be available on your website. No need to bother with installation and configuration. Our team will take over all the work related to the setup and configuration of your real estate website, so you have a ready-made turnkey website. Let us help you make your real estate website stand out!

What will you get when you buy a real estate website? Let’s take a look at the features you can do without support.

  • In any template you want, you can choose the dominant color that best represents your company or business identity.
  • In addition, you can directly add or change the logo of the website without the support of a third party.
  • You can choose the background images for the website based on your region, the type of property you are marketing, your office.
  • You can select one or more options to search for properties: You can include the fields you want in the filters. You can enable and disable search fields at any time.
  • You can add or remove sections from the main menu. You can add the pages you want to the main menu.
  • You can mark your properties on google map.
  • You can choose the agency or agency representative that deals with real estate.
  • You can easily add the attributes that best describe the real estate (Reference No, Listing Date, Real Estate Type, Number of Rooms, Build Year, Floor, Heating, Number of Bathrooms, Balcony, Usage Status, etc.).
  • You can add floor plans or files related to real estate.
  • You can choose the category and real estate types that will best introduce the real estate.
  • You can specify the features (Air Conditioning, Alarm, Parking, Central Heating, Free WiFi, Gym, Pets Allowed, Spa & Massage, Swimming Pool, etc.) offered with the real estate.

You can browse our portfolio to choose your dream real estate website.

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