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Best Travel Theme of 2022

Best Travel Theme of 2022

May 27, 2023

Unveiling the Best Travel Theme of 2022: Embark on a Journey of Experiences

The world of travel and tourism is constantly evolving, and with each passing year, new trends and themes emerge to capture the imagination of adventurers and explorers. As we step into 2022, it’s time to unveil the best travel theme that promises unforgettable experiences and unique opportunities. In this article, we will showcase the travel theme that is set to dominate the year ahead, offering travelers a chance to embark on a remarkable journey filled with excitement, discovery, and cultural immersion.

Discovering Local Culture and Authentic Experiences:

In 2022, the best travel theme revolves around immersing oneself in the local culture and seeking authentic experiences. Travelers are increasingly yearning for more meaningful connections with the places they visit, going beyond the typical tourist attractions and delving deeper into the heart and soul of a destination.

  1. Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations: Gone are the days of overcrowded tourist hotspots. In 2022, travelers are seeking lesser-known, off-the-beaten-path destinations that offer a genuine sense of discovery. These hidden gems provide opportunities to interact with locals, experience their way of life, and gain insights into their traditions and customs. Whether it’s a remote village in the mountains or an undiscovered island paradise, these destinations allow for authentic cultural exchanges and unforgettable memories.
  2. Sustainable and Responsible Travel: As the importance of sustainability continues to grow, responsible travel has become an integral part of the best travel theme for 2022. Travelers are actively seeking ways to minimize their environmental impact and support local communities. From eco-friendly accommodations to supporting local artisans and businesses, sustainable travel practices are paramount in creating a positive impact on both the environment and local cultures.
  3. Cultural Festivals and Events: Immersing oneself in local festivals and events is a fantastic way to experience a destination’s culture in its purest form. The best travel theme of 2022 encourages travelers to plan their trips around significant cultural celebrations, such as traditional ceremonies, music festivals, or religious events. Participating in these vibrant and authentic gatherings provides a unique window into a destination’s rich heritage and allows for an immersive cultural experience like no other.
  4. Culinary Adventures: Food has always been an essential part of travel, but in 2022, it takes center stage as a key element of the best travel theme. Exploring a destination’s culinary landscape not only tantalizes taste buds but also provides insights into local traditions, flavors, and the cultural significance of food. Whether it’s savoring street food delicacies or taking part in cooking classes with local chefs, culinary adventures offer a feast for the senses and create lasting memories.
  5. Immersive Learning Experiences: The best travel theme of 2022 encourages travelers to embrace opportunities for personal growth and learning while on their journeys. Travelers can engage in immersive experiences such as cultural workshops, language classes, traditional art and craft demonstrations, or even volunteering in local community projects. These experiences foster cross-cultural understanding, enrich perspectives, and create lasting connections with the destination and its people.

In 2022, the best travel theme revolves around embracing local culture, seeking authentic experiences, and immersing oneself in the essence of a destination. This theme encourages travelers to venture beyond the well-trodden path, engage with communities, and create memories that go beyond mere sightseeing. Whether it’s exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, savoring culinary delights, or participating in cultural festivals, embracing this travel theme promises an unforgettable journey filled with enriching experiences and a deeper understanding of the world around us. So, pack your bags, embrace the spirit of adventure, and embark on a remarkable travel experience in 2022.

Best Travel Theme of 2022

GooTravel – Tour & Travel Agency WordPress Theme is the only complete travel agency theme you need to create an amazing travel blog or tourism or activities website. This theme has a beautiful design with great functionality. This theme for travel agents can serve any purpose with its extensive functionality. To make your travel blog a success, you will need a comprehensive and attractive website that is responsive, easy to install, and packed with features. That’s why we picked this best travel WordPress theme for you, valued agents and travel bloggers.

GooTravel – Tour & Travel Agency WordPress theme is designed for the following agents and users.

Those looking for a travel booking solution with many options and interfaces such as popular travel sites(getyourguide.com, booking.com, expedia.com)
Those who need not only activities but also many packages(car rental, flight, activity, hotel etc) that the travel agency will need
Those who want to get commission not only from their own tours, but also from the activity, flight, car rental and tour sales of the partners

This theme has amazing features and extensive content. A separate booking widget and advanced search module have been developed for each feature(activity, flight, car).

The biggest feature that distinguishes the theme from other themes is that it supports many page builders and also has a wide widget interface. Dozens of widgets have been developed for the Elementor page builder. In addition, users who do not know the Elementor page builder can make the website usable in minutes using hundreds of widgets we have designed for WordPress.

The theme has the following key features.


You can add separate file attachments for each page for tour, hotel, activity, flight, car rental. You can attach any file type that may be required for an event or tour and documents for a tour, activity or flight information.


You can add a special video you have prepared for an activity, tour or flight to the relevant activity and flight page. This can be a local video or a YouTube, vimeo, etc. video.

Rating and Commenting for Everything

Your customers who visit your website or rent a tour, activity, flight or car can comment and give points for the activity, tour and flight they bought. The event host can review comments and post appropriate comments. You can also rate agents and guides. Users can rate the activity in terms of service, value for money, safety and transportation. Users can also rate the tour guide for features such as understanding, timing and presentation.

Advanced and Customizable Activity, Tour, Car and Flight Search

GooTravel has advanced tool, flight, activity and tour search functionality that allows you to search in many areas. You can search in many fields. You can search in many fields such as activity type, group type, duration, price, location, language, price range, activity features. You can customize the search form according to your needs. You can show or hide the field you want in the search section.

Gallery Pages

GooTravel theme allows you to create separate image gallery for tour, activity and flight and present this gallery on the relevant page or on a separate page you have created for the gallery.

Customizable Price Format

With the Traveltime plugin included in the GooTravel theme, you can customize the price format for any currency in the world. You can post the price of the tour or activity in local or any currency you want. If you want to use multiple currencies, you can choose the WPML plugin.

Similar Activities

The GooTravel theme provides the possibility to list similar activities within the same category or activity type within an activity page. The same applies to the flight and car rental pages.

Front End Submission

GooTravel theme provides a front-end submission page for users. You can divide users into groups according to their membership types. There are several roles that come with the theme. You can assign users to one of these roles and limit their functionality on your website accordingly. Users with certain roles can access the pages you specify on your website.

GooTravel supports individual event payments as well as membership packages for partners. In this way, you can list partner activities on your website and get commissions from sales.

User Control Panel and Dashboard

Every user who is a member has a dashboard that they can control from their front-end interface. Users can use frontend pages to create new events, add to favorites, check payments and edit their profile information.

FAQ Support

GooTravel provides built-in Quick & Easy FAQ support developed by our team. So you can easily and quickly add FAQs to your website.

Favorite Activities

A visitor can add activities to their favorite collection. So they can visit their favorite activities later.

Activity Attributes

You can add unlimited attributes for each service, such as creating a category for Tour, Activity, Flight. This attribute is also used on the filter search progress form.

The theme has the following other features:

Refund Manager
Manage Booking
Useful Plugins for WooCommerce
Translation Ready
Comprehensive and Easy-to-Use Settings
Anti-Spam – reCAPTCHA V2 and V3
Child Theme Included
One Click Demo Import
Very Well Explained Guide and Documentation
Video Tutorials

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