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What types of websites you can develop?

November 10, 2020

1. Static Websites: These type of websites are used to display content such as banners, GIFs, videos, etc. They are developed in HTML and CSS. They are rigid and modifying their contents is not easy. Examples of static website development include academic or professional portfolio, digital curriculums, etc.

2. Dynamic Websites: These type of websites uses database for loading data and their contents are updated every time the user accesses them. They usually have a CMS for admin control. ASP .NET and PHP are the common languages used to dynamic website development.

3. Ecommerce Websites: If the website is an online store, its development is going to be very similar to an e-commerce site. These kind of websites are complicated to develop since integration of payment gateway is must. The department store El Corte Ingles and ecommerce store Flipkart are an example of a successful ecommerce websites. These websites runs in the browser the same way any mobile application does, making the interactions and features similar to the mobile app.

4. Portal Websites: These are the kind of web applications where we can access several parts of the application from the home page itself. There are a variety of options that you can include here, for example, forums, email, chat, browsers, registration portal, etc.

5. Animated Websites: Any animation is closely associated with Flash technology. This type of website allows you to present content with animated effects. Since this enables the room for innovation and creativity, animated websites are favorite among designers and creative directors. However, marketers do not prefer them as they aren’t suitable for search engine optimization.

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