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Best Plugin for Human Resources Theme – Jobfinder

Best Plugin for Human Resources Theme Best Plugin for Human Resources Theme - Jobfinder

February 8, 2021

Jobfinder is a job listing plugin developed for our themes that you can recently use to add job board-like functionality to your WordPress website. It’s mostly widget-supported and shortcode-based, so it can work seamlessly with any theme and is really easy to set up.


  • You can post job postings and manage your candidate portfolio by including this plugin on your WordPress website, just like the popular job listings in the world.
  • Through the widget, you can create your page layout and add and remove sections you want on the page.
  • To post and manage job postings, you can create membership types and use front-end forms available for registered users and open to development.
  • If you are an employer or HR manager, you can create a profile page for your company and let candidates know about the company.
  • You can define more than one company and have candidates apply for the job post of the relevant company. This makes it easier to list and manage company-based job postings.
  • The Jobfinder plugin allows you to preview your job postings before they are published.
  • Each job posting can be linked to an email or website address so job seekers can apply for jobs.
  • Allow logged-in employers to view, edit or delete active job listings.
  • Developer friendly code, frontend pages and template files are available. You can enable candidates and employers to manage all their jobs from the front-end page without accessing the admin panel.
  • You can limit job postings according to locations and offer the opportunity to search by locations.
  • You can easily find the candidate you want with the advanced candidate search page on the front end and admin panel.
  • Candidates can access the employer directory and view the employers’ detailed profile.
  • Candidates can quickly and easily find the job in the desired criteria with advanced job search options.
  • You can manage job postings, job applications, candidate and employer profile pages, resume submission, detailed job search, detailed candidate search pages, and dozens of other pages without accessing WordPress’ front-end pages. This way, your website visitors will not be aware of WordPress in the background.
  • You can enable registered users to save their job searches and receive information about new jobs via email daily, weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Candidates can search across dozens of areas or criteria such as job type, posting reference code, location, company name, salary price range, skills, experience, benefits, language and more.
    You can allow candidates to apply for jobs using a form, and allow employers to view and manage applications from the job board.

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